A Message for all Water Smacker Customers

Hello Water Smacker customers,

Youtube took down my Water Smacker video due to copyright infringement from Enagic,  Why?  For having a one minute section showing a Kangen salesmen how ionized micro-clustered water cleans your blood including video of a blood doctor. So I re-vamped the video so please go watch this video.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntTtcRlDQFE&t=38s

Kangen is against the Water Smacker and now we have made a video showing the TRUTH about smacked water.

Many of you were referred by the Bill Still Report.  We are reluctant to mention that Bill Still no longer represents the Water Smacker.  A Kangen salesman convinced him otherwise.  Bob Boyce said “let him go.”  Bill has not seen the full picture  or the truth drinking water enhancers,  yet!

My notes for a new video we will be making soon are below:

“Alkaline/Kangen Water Machines vs. Smacked Water”

The first alkaline/ionizer water machines were used for crop production and to induce livestock growth.  It was efficient for livestock because they have a short life span.  It was efficient for plants because a plant can rid itself of excess metals by expelling metal  back into the soil.  Running negative current though electrolysis plates helped grow plants faster, bigger, healthier and it has the same effect on  livestock too.  The process used to artificially cause livestock to grow faster was never intended for humans because it contains too many metals in the water for safe human consumption.

Enagic (Kangen) wanted to reproduce what Dr. Emoto discovered at many of the healing pools in the world.  Dr. Emoto went to healing pools in Japan, Jerusalem, Lourdes, France and other places where healing water was claimed.  In one experiment, Emoto froze the water in one experiment and he noted the “snowflake” shapes in the water, that was later discovered to micro clustered water.  Conversely, macro clustered water looks like welding slag when frozen. Macro clustered water can hardly penetrate into the cell membrane, which has a tiny narrow path.  Dr. Emoto also discovered  the hydrogen ionized water was another healing factor. What Dr. Emoto missed was the 7.5 hz healing frequency of the Earth. Also Dr. Emoto and Enagic did not understand that non-hertzian energy is  negative and the perfect simple hydrogen ionizer, perfect in nature in the aether, the air all around us.

I owned a Kangen water machine for five years and nobody at Kangen Water told me that Kangen Water machines move metal into the drinking water. Bob Boyce told me this fact in  2012.   After about a year of using my Kangen water machine, I noticed white calcium and white titanium dioxide flakes in my drinking water.  The metal plates in the Kangen  water machine are not platinum plates as I was told by the  Kangen salesman.  The metal plates are really MMO coated titanium plates. The MMO coating is platinum that will eventually shed off the plate and into your drinking water.  The body can handle platinum well and aluminium can be removed from the body.  However, titanium dioxide crystals, once ingested,  will work its way through the body and into  the brain and it can not be removed from the brain.  Platinum costs $940.00 per ounce.  At that rate, if a  Kangen water machine was equipped with real solid platinum plates, it would cost about $10,000.00. 

Kangen water machines are made with 3, 5 and 7 plates that run from run 120 watts up to 240 watts.  That amount of wattage is way too much current for electrolysis.  The erosion of the electrodes will happen and heat (waste of energy) Try filling up a 5 gallon container of Kangen water and watch how hot the machine and water will get! Kangen must use tap water and NOT reverse osmosis (R.O.) water because it needs the iron in the water which acts as an electrolyte to boost the pH up.  A Kangen water machine runs run way too much current though the water and will slowly erode the electrodes. Most stomach acids can not handle 8.5+pH water, you will just pee it out. To  make your body alkaline rely on fruits, lemons, oranges and non-hertzian, negative charged water, not electrolysis water. The Water Smacker only raises the pH by one level or .5 level. The Water Smacker helps your body blood’s pH go alkaline with a the full 100% negative charge taken from the air/ aether in the room…non-hertzian energy.

At HydrogenGarage.com we make catalysis H2O cells to combat pollution and save on fuel. This is the cleanest, safest gas on the planet!  Hands down and there is no carbon in the formula.  All from WATER.  We also follow Yull Brown’s magic Brown’s gas range of 1.4 volts DC to 2.8 volts, the magic range where their is no heat made, no erosion of the electrodes, just a nice bronzed looking catalytic layer on the H side of our sealed plates. Kangen has the right idea to coat the H side of the titanium plates with platinum, but titanium is the wrong metal in electrolysis, as it becomes less reactive over time and clogs up on the plates and flakes off.

The alkaline water machines do two things to your drinking water :

1) Micro clusters your water (not all alkaline water machines do this) Kangen does.

2) Hydrogen ionizes the drinking water from the hydrogen, negative side of the plates and the acidic positive side goes into a drain hose into the sink, the acidic water can be used as a disinfectant. Oxy-clean in the washing machine. a good way to wash off insecticides, and round up from vegetables but you can not wash off the GMO part. LOL

3) Now here is where the Water Smacker takes healing one step further. The 7.5hz healing frequency of the earth.  The plants, the animals, the humans, etc., ALL walks of life on Earth.  Age unwinds your DNA telemeters.  Water Smacker water rewinds and rejuvenates your telemeters. The Water Smacker is  patent pending and is only a small section of a DNA healing patent that Bob Boyce has been working on for many years.

We now have 48 oz charging bottles for $5.00 each and shipping is free.  You can also use Trader Joe’s water and 50 oz bottle as well as the  1.5 liter crystal Geyser tall bottles,  Smart Water large 50 oz bottles will also fit fine in your Water Smacker.  Using a 1.5 liter bottle,  you can make 16 oz more of Smacked water per day.  Many Water Smacker users  charge their spring water in a 1.5 liter bottle then pour off 1 liter smacked water and refill with fresh spring water and keep it going.  To fully micro cluster water takes a full  24 hours in the Water Smacker.

Please help support Bob’s research. He is involved with many projects that will help humanity tremulously…assuming we survive as a race on Earth.

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Andrew M. Batty