Best Water Choices for Maximum Benefits with the Water Smacker

Distilled is the highest purity water, but lacks most minerals due to distillation. Desirable platinum group metals in an anionic state (lacking electrons) can pass through distillation, other minerals cannot.

For people that suffer from kidney stones, distilled water is the best option for sure. For people that may be mildly mineral deficient, RO water may be a better option. Filtered spring water is best for those that suffer from high levels of mineral deficiency. That being said, not everyone has access to sources of real spring water. A Berkey or similar home filter should be fine with most real spring waters.

Filtered tap water from municipal water supplies should be avoided if possible. If that is the only water that you have available, consider buying a home water distiller, or a really high quality RO filter system,
and plan to change filters as needed. Municiple water can contain a lot of potentially harmful elements or chemicals. These can become even more harmful if that water is used as water to be smacked.

When water is put into an energized Water Smacker, the water will begin to microcluster as it is exposed to the energy within the resonance chamber. This means that as the water charges and microclusters, solids in that water also begin to break down into smaller particles. When solids in water are broken down into
smaller parti\cles, they become easier to absorb when consumed. This causes harmful solids to become even more harmful! This is why we caution against municipal tap water. Many bottled waters are just tap water that has been filtered to varying degrees, bottled, and sold. Some even had “additives” to improve flavor or alter pH added prior to bottling.

So choose your source water wisely!


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