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Water Smacker Instructions (updated 8/31/17)

Please read all the way though these instructions before charging your first bottle of water.  We now include a 32 oz. clear plastic PET lab grade, non-toxic bottle with every Water Smacker.  You can smack 32 oz., 1 liter and 1.5 liter size bottles of water bottle spring water purchased at the local market.   See “Best and Worst water and bottle types” below.  Save your empty PET #1 lab grade bottles for future use.  PET #1 plastic was designed to carry water for drinking.

PET #1 plastic is safe as long as you do not expose the plastic bottle to high heat and sunlight for long periods of time.  Heating the plastic will cause plastic toxins to leech into your water.  The clear PET plastic bottle we send with the unit is designed for beverages and does not contain any petroleum residue.

Note:  PET #1 clear plastic Water bottles should not be used more than 5 times to charge water.   To do so could cause the plastic to break down and crack.

PET #1 plastic bottles have the correct dielectric properties to charge water.  Do NOT use glass, aluminum, any type of stainless steel or other metal to charge water.  It will not work and it will short out the Tesla module located in the top portion of the unit.  Misusing or tampering with Water Smacker will void the 2 year parts warranty.

Start by charging your water bottle for 24 to 48 hours.  We recommend using 1 liter or a 1.5 liter bottle.  After the water is fully charged, pour 1 liter of charged water into the PET bottle that came with your Water Smacker or fill a store bought PET #1 grade plastic bottle, a glass or plastic PET cup.  Leave 1/2 liter of smacked water in the charging bottle and refill with new water.  Doing so will make the next round of water charge faster!   Charge for 24  hours per cycle.  The water will take on a charge quickly but the micro-clustering takes a full 24 hours.  Empty the next 1 liter into a empty plastic bottle and keep it going!  Always leave some charged water inside the charging bottle.  Following these instructions, you can charge 1 liter of water every 24 hours.  It only takes 2 watts of power to run Water Smacker!  Leave it on 24/7 for a total of 48 watts of power per 24 hour day.

CAUTION! Do not touch the metal prong inside the Water Smacker.    If you drink from the “charging bottle” immediately after charging for 12 hours, it will shock your lips with a static charge!  That’s one reason why we call it the Water Smacker.  If you put your finger into the freshly charged water it  will shock you!   BEWARE… pour the charged water into a drinking glass or another plastic bottle or plastic cup.  One way to know your unit is working is by getting a static shock with your finger when you touch charged water.  It will not hurt BUT it will startle you!

Best & Worst Water and Bottle Types  

1)  Bottled spring water works the best with the Water Smacker. Good brand names to use are: Crystal Geyser, Deer Park, Fuji and Evian. Deer Park Spring water had the highest pH lift after smacking the water. Bottled spring water is better in pH rise, than filtered bottled water.  They were the best ph before smacking.

2) Do NOT use bottled purified water and filtered water from Coke (Dansani) and Pepsi (Aquafina) or Smart Water. These brands all have chemical additives for taste.  They include salt, magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride.  Smart Water was the worst with a pH of 6.0 and it only went up to 6.8ph in a 24 hour period. The water also tasted strange.  With Aquafina and Dasani, the water pH does not go up high but it will still shock you and and will still raises your body’s fluid pH level.

Focus on a 2 week body pH test with your urine or saliva pH test strips.   You can do a before and after pH test after water has been smacked for 24 hours.  Also do a before and after taste test on a store bought bottle of water or spring/well water or RO filtered water.  Test before and after charging the water.

Types of water to use with the Water Smacker are below.  Manufacturers are suppose to bottle water at 7.0 pH.  Shelf life at the local market can be up to 6 months and that will cause the bottled water to  lose the ph, changing it to a more acidic level.  Store bought “pH Reagent” test drops, pour 2 tablespoons of the drinking water (10cc) into a glass and use 2 to 3 drops and mix/shake and notice the color next to the color chart.  Next charge the water and test in 12 to 48 hours from now. (over night) You will see the pH go up .5 to 1.5/2.0 units up. ( 6.0pH to 7.0/8.0 pH).  if you leave it for another day the pH reading will go up more .5 to 1 level more.

2) Distilled Water or Reverse Osmosis filtered water. Distilled water loses all chemicals and metals but still contains the ORMUS elements, monoatomic gold, silver and platinum metal groups in a sub atomic spin state. Smacking distilled water brings LIFE back into filtered distilled water and enhances the ORMUS elements!  It brings back the natural frequency of the Earth into your water a low sub bass tone, below our hearing range. This mellows out your body, the best resonance to drinking water for all life on earth.

3) Tap Water – Avoid tap water, unless you get a 5 stage Osmosis under the sink water filter system, $200 We sell them in our store and our replacement filters only cost you $15.00 per set of 3. Sears charges $90 to replace the filters once a year. Chemicals in the water is what you want to get out. Iron is OK and takes a charge faster.  No one drinks straight tap water anymore, unless you live in the mountains or tropical island. Stay away from chemical water. A before and after taste test will tell you a lot. It should taste better than before. If it tastes strange after the smacked session, then do not drink this water. Any chemicals in the water may go worse that before. Your own taste buds will let you know the water is bad. Pick another source of drinking water.

4) Spring water from a well is best for raising the pH after smacking your water. What ever is alive in the water will stay alive with smacked water. Smacking your water will not kill the microbes in the water. A before and after taste test will tell you a lot. It should taste better than before. A lot of spring water has ORMUS in the water. Learn about ORMUS.

Do a taste test, before and after with 2 glasses of water. Smacked water the water molecules are now micro clustered sized and more silkier feeling on your tongue, the smaller micro hydrogen molecules will absorb into your cells faster and quench your thirst better!  Smacked water will also taste better! Over night charge of 8 to 48 hours. Two days give a stronger shock to your finger touching the water in the plastic bottle. The static spark jump from the water to your finger is because of higher pH charge to your acidic body. After many months of drinking smacked water, your body pH will get 7.0pH and the finger into the water bottle the spark shock may go away, due to the water is 7.0pH and your body is now 7.0pH. Your body is all charged up and no spark jump.  If this is the case have a friend put his or her finger in the bottle to test if it is working or not? Laugh out loud (lol) We call it the “acidic spark jump”


Traveling with your smacked water. The smacked water will stay more charged in the charging bottle. You can pour the water into your travel canteen, it keeps a charge for 3 days, but gets weaker as the days go by. Best to drink right away to get the full effects. Read the .pdf file “Negative hydrogen for positive health”


We recommend to use water from a R.O filtered water (reverse osmosis) or your own spring water. We sell a 5 stage RO unit for $200, the yearly replacement filters only cost $15.00 Watch out cheap RO water units charge $100 to replace the filters. Never buy store bought water again. Charge your water continually. Tested spring/well water is another good source, if your water does not have to many contaminants, the charge will only increase the contaminants! Filtered spring/well water is best. Another way to make distilled water is with a homemade SOLAR WATER DISTILLER. Learn to make clean drinking water from contaminated water by condensation under window glass. DO NOT USE MUNICIPAL TAP WATER!!! It contains chorine and fluoride and other chemicals that can increase in toxicity, with the smacker.

Pour the smacked water from the plastic PET bottle into a drinking glass or my nalgene canteen I take with me in the car for the day. If you leave a little water in the plastic cup and fill to the top and charge it again, it will charge faster. Plan to continually charge water for the next user, family member.


The included NEON test lamp. The WS circuit is protected from shorting. Do NOT touch the cathode on inner aluminum shielding inside the tube, while ON, it will give you a static shock. The WATER SMACKER should work for years to come. We have provided a  NEON test lamp. To see if the Water Smacker unit is working or not, turn on the WS, and hold on to the bare wire of the neon lamp, does not matter which wire end. Come close to the stainless steel all threaded rod and watch for slight blue sparks to the bared wire to the end of the rod, you can touch the rod, it will not short it and one side of the lamp will glow, showing you the WS is functioning properly. Now if you want to see a bigger spark and more of a lamp glow, take off your rubber sole shoes. You will be more grounded and the neon lamp will glow brighter.  DO NOT INSERT ANY METAL OBJECTS INSIDE THE RESONANT CHAMBER WHILE ON OR OFF!  IT CAN SHORT OUT THE UNIT and voids the warranty.  The neon lamp glow will show the unit is working and ready to smack some water.


For cancer patients, drinking high pH, smacked water will raise your body’s pH and a high pH body will prohibit cancer from growing. Cancer will only grow in an acidic body. Many with cancer have been cured or stopped the cancer growth from drinking charged, alkaline, micro-clustered smacked water.


We have to claim, this is NOT A MEDICAL DEVICE.


If the green led light does not come on, you need a new wall wart transformer. We will replace in a 2-year period. Any 12v wall wart, transformer  x .5 amp to 2 amps will work, but cannot be over 12.5v. A 3 prong grounded wall wart transformer is best, but hard to find these days. Ours is 12.3 volts output. If yours went out contact :


We offer a 2 year warranty. Bob Boyce™ the inventor of the WS, says the circuit cannot short and should last indefinitely, but the cheap 12v Chinese wall transformers can go out. The WS only draws 2 watts of energy from the wall socket!! But puts out 600 volts of longitudinal energy. ( static aether that is in abundance all around us. Nikola Tesla

Way more info at – testimonies, benefits, videos. Watch the blood doctor video, it will blow you away! Go to 2.20 minutes into the video.

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